i have to sleep, i have a job tomorrow and must wake up till 10 haha. anyway i think i can wake up so thats fine but i will be tired, i hope a lots costomers dont come tomorrow.
ive just finished watching "driving lessons". i really love that film it makes me relax. i realized that i can understand what they said a lot, i mean i bought it a few years ago and of course its without subtitles but i really wanted to see it because Rupert Grint on it haha. when i saw it at first time, i honestly say i couldnt understand what they said. well of course i could understand a little bit but not whole but now...i can hear the sentence :) its brilliant isnt it?
by the way i went to the park today and it was brilliant because everywhere now is light up like christmas tree ;) i like to go for a walk alone although sometimes it makes me feel lonly but its fine. anyway id better to sleep now. nighty night.


ive got a job

yeah ive been busy for party and job. well today was my 2 time shift and im working at japanese sushi restaurant. i was really nervous the first time but everyone is nice. but today i dropped sake and beer, when i dropped it i just thought "oh my fucking god, boss gonna be suck me and costomer gonna be really mad". i was really surprised that they didnt get mad at me at all. instead they said to me with smile "Dont worry Dont worry". i have to be careful to carry everything, waitress is dificult!!!! argh. but i like my job now.
wow i think my english getting bad, maybe because im tired....i hope so, anway ive been here for 5month. i dont know my english getting better or not. no its getting bad i think. oh gosh i have to study, i know i must study. my hands try not to touch text book. im reallly sleepy i woke up at 9am today o_0 you must be think 9am isnt early time but its really early like 6am for me because i usually get up at 12 or after 12 haha.

oh i almost forgot to write about party. well most of my friends going to back their country or they might have already gone. anyway last wednesday we had a party and it was great. i had 5 glass of wine and 1vodka&Redbull but i didnt get drunk and also i didnt get hungover! brilliant isnt it? i usually get hungover after drink alcohole even i dont get drunk. i think my body getting strong in uk haha. argh i need to learn more vocab. sometimes i cant explain what i really want to tell haha okaaaaaaayy tired bye.



I went to the job center to make my national insurance number today. when i went to there, a man asked me may i help you so i asked about NIN then he gave me a card which written number and said, just call there. so i called there, i hate telephone because we cant see each other and we cant use body languages haha. anyway when i called there, a woman asked me a few questions such as where am i come from, why do i need NIN and she said something last but actually i dont remember but when i asked her "i just waiting for call or something?" then she said yes so,,,i have to wait something haha. maybe a letter or call. but i dont recieve anything from them in 9days i can call again and ask. i hope i can get it.
By the way period is coming! fyew, i was really worried about that actually. when i made sweet sandwitches i always worry about it haha maybe i shouldnt do that then i dont have to worry uhuhu. its been cold,,,no not cold, freeeeeeeeeezing recently,,,even im in house. i miss kotatsu. oh kotatsu is small table with an electric heater underneath and covered by a quilt. i just serched how to say it in english in here. i really need kotatsu with orange. ha i know sounds really typical japanese house. i think they should be more popular but there is the problem if you get used to kotatsu. if you get used to it, you cant get out from it and you will think you dont want to go anywhere even toilet haha. you can understand what i mean if you've used it once :)
Speaking of kotatsu, it reminds me of 鍋料理(japanes nabe) 

  cool isnt it? in japan when winter comes, we often eat these things. alots vegitables with poke or beef, so its really healthy. i think you can make it if you find nabe(pot) like above things. ah i cant stop thinking about japanese food haha



toucha toucha toucha touch me

I was feeling done in, couldn't win
I'd only ever kissed before.
I thought there's no use getting into heavy petting
It only leads to trouble and seat wetting...

Now all I want to know is how to go
I've tasted blood and I want more
I'll put up no resistance, I want to stay the distance
I've got an itch to scratch, I need assistance:

Toucha toucha toucha touch me, I wanna be dirty
Thrill me chill me fulfil me
Creature of the night.

Then if anything grows while you pose
I'll oil you up and rub you down
And that's just one small fraction of the main attraction
You need a friendly hand and I need action...

Toucha toucha toucha touch me, I wanna be dirty
Thrill me chill me fulfil me
Creature of the night.


i want

to work at japanese restaunrant
(actually im going to give them my CVs tomorrow)
to eat Japanese and Korean food.
to cook japanese or korean food.
to learn Korean
to learn Danish
(you know im half korean but i cant speak korean at all)
to study and speak english more and more
to make a film

as you know im in england and im studying english right now but i also want to study Korean, Danish, and German. ahaha i love other country languages. i think if i practice korean very hard, i will be able to speak korean very well because im a half korean, haha noo just kidding. anyway i want to make more korean friends. actually so far, ive never met people from Denmark...hmm.
oh im going to a few japanese restaurant to give them my CVs, dont know why but now i really want to work at there. i know newcastle is a bit far from here (it takes about 40 mins by train) but its okay,,,i think. i mean one problem is that i can catch last train or not. anyway before think aboutit i HAVE TO GET A JOB. ohoho



how lazy i am

I havent wrote my blog long time, i had many chance to do it but i was lazy to do that. and now i cant sleep at all and im bored as hell so now im going to write it ;)
I was in Luke's house from 11th to 16th. i had really great time with him and also his family, his friends were really kind of me. we kissed a lot, we had a bath together everything was fabulous but when we had a bath together, both of us got dizzy, ahaha. his parents took us to Humber bridge, its really long and high bridge and view from this bridge was good. When we walked, i pretended to kick something and then my shoe came off and flew away, that was funny. one thing that i dissapointed was i lost my small degital camera. i though i putted in my lagguage and when i opened it in his house, my camera dissapared then i thought i might have left in my house but i cant find it for now. hmmmm i always lost something ahaha....no seriously i have to be careful more.
Yesterday i went to buffet with my school friends, there were many kind of different country food such as, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and so on, i was really excited about japanese food because of i miss my country food but when we went to there, Sushi was ONLY japanese food. ahaha i was like 0_0 and also that sushi wasnt real sushi. anyway buffet was brilliant, i ate a lots chinese food and my stomach was almost going to explode haha. i couldnt catch my last train so my friend let me to stay her house. thank you yumi.and today,,,well i came back home at 10am, went to bed about 11:00(i slept only 2hours because of girls talk with her yesterday)and woke up at....guess.....18:00. when i woke up, i felt really tired because of too much slept.
thats it :)oh i had my fringe cut, good bye my unique fringe and hello new normal fringe.


life is sweet

yesterday ive bought 2vintage dress but i dont know i can wash these dress. i really hope i can. i love vintage clothes but i hate smell haha. do you know how to get rid off that smells? if you know it tell me.
i saw the movie "Me and you and everyone we know" it was great. i love kinda slow and quiet movie such as Little miss sunshine, Life is sweet, Thumbsucker and so on. independent movies are great:)
i've finally got ill but its okay because i just have sore throat and cough. sometimes headache ahaha. anyway im going to go to Luke's house tomorrow and stay 5days, we havent met for 2 month. really long time. we have a plan to cook japanese food and watch STAR WARS 6. we going to make Nikujyaga. its errrrr hmmmm simmered meat and potatoes?? i dont know how to explain but its really typical japanese food, it said that if you can make it perfect you can be good wife in japan. ive cooked it once and...it was so so. i mean it wasnt good but not bad haha. i wonder if we can find all the ingredients because you know we usually use 糸コンニャク......and i asked one teacher who had been in japan for 2 years about konnyaku (konjac?) and he said he never see konnyaku in england. well i can make it without this so its fine.
oh yeah and Luke has a lightsaber so i can play with it :) brilliant isnit?
aahhhh i think im fall in love with Paul Dano. he is so sweet.


Sufjan Stevens

His songs are amazing. every his songs are brilliant. i havent met any good music long time and i always listen same type songs such as The beatles, Star wars, harry potter...etc. why i talked about him is well first... i love the movie "Driving Lessons" and i always wanted this soundtrack but i couldnt find it. i saw this movie today and suddenly i thought that i might be able to find these music on you tube haha. yeah its really simple and easy idea but i dont know why i never thought it haha. i finally found him on you tube. i didnt noticed that his song was used by "Little Miss Sunshine"! i love this movie and i've seen it many times. i totally have to buy his album.

i love these music. you can hear it on the movie "driving lessons"

what do you think... isnt he great!?
i was thinking about what should i do tomorrow, well i decided to go to newcaslte. i want to go for a walk with my camera , go to hmv and vintage clothes shop. ahaha maybe i can drop in my school and say hi. anyway i feel so great now.
1, i could fine great music.
2, when i chatted with luke, we talked about Star Wars a lot.
3, we decided to watch Star Wars when i go to his house.
4, only 2days left until i go to his house
5, i look forward to walking tomorrow
YES 今日一日つまらんかったから明日は発散してこよう。でもお金使いすぎないように。

bloody cold

its getting really cold in here. i hate cold but i like winter.
my course was over on friday and i had really enjoyed in school. i've got certification and its not so bad so i was surprised about it. im going to write about my certification later.
3days left until i go to luke's house and im really looking forward to go there. my mum sent me japanese chopsticks and i will give it to his parents but i dont know they like it because i dont think they have an opporunity for using it....difficult. actually i wanted my parents to send me anther things such as towle or noren, something like that.
oh i can go to Baltic tomorrow maybe...my hostmother told me there are film festival in baltica. errr not festival i dont know what i say. but i think its like museum? anyway i can see many kind of short film and its free. oh yeah i totally have to. actually i drew up one scenario of short film but i dont think its good because i might find similar things on you tube.....hmmmm.
i hate to creat story because im not good at it haha. i prefer act actually.
i have to tidy my room because my room is always messy. its not that i cant clean, im just lazy to do. i want to write more but i dont know what should i write.

okkk about my certification.
im in upper intermediate. (there are Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermeiate, advanced, proficiency)
*Below Avarage ( nothing )
*Avarage ( nothing )
*Good ( Grammar, Writing )
*Excellent ( Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Communicate, Motivation)
good isnt it? ahha yeah im not good at grammar and writing, i dont like to write haha.



its november already i havent written my blog again.
today im going to write about good things and bad things
*Vintage clothes shop
i've finally found it in newcaslte so i can go anytime if i want a clothes. i dont like "new" esp, if i go to the clothes shop i can see many same things. i dont like it. haha
i think i can understand about grammar than before. well my english is still bad though.
*Mobile Phone
did i write about my mobile phone? i finally got it a month ago.
my friends sent me some japanese snacks i love it and i often used to eat it so im really happy about it.
i can see him next week oh luke is my boyfriend's nickname. he has many nickname. all of this was decided by me. now his haif looks like luke skywalker thats why "luke".

most of my lovely friends had left recently and a few people moved up their class. now...my class is boring. i hate it actually.
*Package from japan
my mum sent me some of my winter clothes and japanese things but i had to pay about it because of some...mmmmm problem. i paid £90!!! thats fucking crazy and i planed to receive it today but they didnt come! im really worry about it seriously.
*My weight
i gain about 5 kg...i have to do on diet but i cant so i dont
I forget things really easily so i forgot what i wanted to write about bad things haha i though i had a lot of bad news. hmmmmmm well its okay.


i think my hair is really growing

yeah? what do you think? ahh i really want to get a perm, my hair is too straight. i mean even i get a perm, if i use dryer it'll be straight ahaha.
yesterday i cried a lot because my best friends left yesterday ;( it made me really sad.
i think my english getting bad and also my japanese getting bad too. uuuuh.


nose pirecing

finally i've got a nose pirecing. what do you think of it? cool isnt it? i really wanted to get nose or lip pireceing but my parents didnt allow lip one :) so i got nose. but i though it was good choice. because it was quite hurt but looks good. when i went to pirecing studio, people who work in there were really kind to me and i could relax very much.

oh today i cried because i felt really sad. i dont like this week because most of my friends going to go back their country its quite sad things. they are really really nice friends. i must be cry on friday....definitely.

sorry i havent post my blog long time, ive been busy haha



when i woke up, all of my body was hurt in this morning then i realized that i have a fever. i was going to go to school but i couldnt. terrible headache, all of my body hurts and i felt really shit. am i too weak? is my body too weak? urgh!
i really hope i feel better tomorrow.



who cares

apparently i use my tongue a lot when i kiss. joseph told me about it but i didnt know it. well i dont know how to kiss and how to move my tongue. does anybody know it? hummm i think its much influenced by movies. i've always been influenced by movies though. it's kinda my textbook. i know movie's world and real world is different haha but who cares. anyway kiss and hug is great things isnt it. i love to kiss. why most japanese people dont like to kiss in public? because of embarrassed? i think it's crazy if you really love him or her, you can kiss him or her anywhere cant you? hahaha or you think when you kiss him/her in public, you worry about people seeing it? who cares :)
ahah it's just my opinion, im sorry if you dont like to kiss in public.


i feel shit but i dont know why.
i feel depressed i think it's because of joesph.
i feel urgh because of fucking cough.

im going to go out with my friend. we are not the same class different but we came to this school the same day. i think it'll be good day tomorrow. i hope my fucking cough is stop. i know some students have a cold now and i had before. it was nightmare. i couldnt sleep i couldnt thinking i coulndt focus on study everything was suck. winter is coming soon i think it already come here because it's been bloody cold here. i live in near newcaslte, its like hokkaido in japan. anyway im going to take a lots picture. if it rains we wont go out because i dont like bloody rain, i dont still get used to it yet. it makes me feel shit.

shit shit shit fuck.
sorry if my this diary makes you feel umcomfortble.
i just feel shit now.


spectrespec glasses

hiyaaaa. im sorry i havent post a blog long time because i've been busy for language school. im really really really enjoying it. now i really want this glasses called spectrespec glasses. if you are harry potter fan you already knew it eh? i want to make it. hohoho
aaaah im fucking tired.


fucking tired

hiyaaa i've been busy so i couldnt write a blog. my bloody ill is completely gone and im enjoying school life. really great. hum...i dont know what should i write about. well im really tired now haha tomorrow i have to speech about some topic. im going to talk about one of my hobby, make a silent film and i will probably show my silent film to other students. i know it's boring but i hope they dont sleep.
sorry im tired i dont want to write anymore today.


post it love

i think this video is brilliant. it's really lovely<3
by the way i didnt go to the school today because of my fucking ill.

Harry Potter3のスタン・シャンパイク役の人やた。


my throat is dead finally

i went to my language school today and took a test and my class decided to middle class. a teacher said to me "your english level is very strange" so i was like o_0 what? and then she said "your speaking is high level but your writing level is not high!" haha well im not good at writing you know my grammer is really bad but it will be better soon...i hope. i really enjoyed to talk with students. i was surprised about i couldnt find japanese people today and most of people came from spain and switzerland. my language shool is very international some people from Israel, Saudi Arabia, and errrr i cant rememeber because like i said very international haha. anyway my language school is great but i have to wake up at 8 everyday!!! it's quite hard for me i hope i dont sleep during lessons because when i was a highschool student i always slept during lessons even a teacher woke me up. im really lazy person x)
oh my throat is dead now my voice is completely different but i like it. i really hope my ill will be better soon. urgh


My throat hurts.

i still have a cold but i went to for a walk and took some pictures today. i had a fun myself and also my hostfamily was surprised about i went out because you know im almost spend of my day in my room so my hostmother said "hey anna went out!" x) i uploaded my photos on my flickr so please check it out if you are really bored now.
by the way i could talk with my friend yesterday, she had been cruising so i couldnt talk with her long time. she is in LA now. well we love to talk about naughty things so we talked about that a lot,,, no just kidding we just talked about thesedays and it was quite fun.

oh for god's sake when will my stupid fever gone? my language school starts from next monday! aaaaa i think i should stay in my room as always tomorrow.



i couldnt sleep because i took a nap long time today.
oh i've found another free editting software "photoscape". this software is cool i like it.
i want to get a tatoo on my arm. well i want to get "?",question mark. dont ask me why because i dont know either. i just like question mark. haha

体が回復しだい無声映画つくりたいな第4段だぜ いえあ。

i've got a stupid fever

ello. i've got a stupid fever now i dont know where is this come from. anyway i feel better before. i felt really sick this morning.

oh i forgot to write about cleethorpes. you know i went to "cleethorpes" to meet my friend. it was awesome. well i arrived cleethorpes really early than i expected so i had been wating for an hour. i was trying to call him but i didnt because errr hum erm...anyway i couldnt. and for an hour later a woman talked to me with smile and said "are you anna?" so i said yes. then i realized that she is joe's mother. she is really really charming mother i've ever met. she is like errm....Molly Weasley who is Ron's mother on harry potter. haha and then i met joe. i thought he was a shy boy but he wasnt. he is really funny and cute guy. hihi
i went to the pub and night club with him and his friends. i had never been to night club so i really enjoyed dancing with them although i lost my red lip rouge. it was quite new red lip rouge so i was shock a little but i have the same old red lip rouge actually. i always need a red lip because unfortunately my natural lip colour looks unhealthy. my mom really worrid about it when i was a kid. anyway night club was amazing. me and joe had a little too much to drink but we didnt drunk haha joe's bestfriend was drunk and it was quite fun. next day i had a hangover and felt sick so i was in bed all the time x( haha
i had a really wonderful time in cleethorpes so i felt really sad when i left there. but i think i'll definitely go there again plus i have to bring something for joe's parents next time.
thank you so much joe, his parents and his sisters.
by the way my language school starts from next monday. wheeeey i cant wait and i must get over my stupid cold.




i love silent film and also 1920s. clothes, movie, music, everything is great. i want to be like flapper girls.
wheey im going to my friend's house tomorrow. i have to wake up early...urgh. anyway im looking forward to meet my friend but i m also worry about my english. i'll do my best. i hope i can take a photo at photobooth. hehe. oh god...i forgot to charge my ipod i should do that.


i have to sleep but...

i cant stop editting my photo because finally i could understand how to edit and change to my favorite by JTrim. this is free software and not difficult for biginners so if you are interested in photo and want to try to edit, i recommend this software. above picuter was edited by me...what do you think? i wanted to change it to like retro photos. my father learned about camera when he was young. every photo who taken by him is great. he has a heavy old SLR, in fact his camera isnt degital but film camera. cool isnt it? when i back to japan, i will borrow it from him haha. by the way my father recently turned 60. i thought he turned 58 :0 and i coulndt phone him at his birthday...so i felt really bad about it.

oh god...it's 4:05am now. ah! i should take my contactlens off. fyew i almost forgot about it. night night★

i am he is you are he as you are me and we are all together.

i woke up at 9:30 am. i still cant believe it...i mean i usually wake up after 12pm. sometimes i wake up at 1pm~3pm....anyway i tried to sleep again but i couldnt so i was thinking about today's plan and i realized that i needed to go to the bank because of language school fee. i havent out for 4 or 5 days. im always in my room and my hostfamily worry about it. i dont dislike to go out. i would rather go out than stay in my room all the time. so i went to the bank and i walked around. i was really enjoy to walked around actually. everything seemed to be very fresh...well like i said i havent out lately haha and i've bought a few things at super market...well just Doritos and a water though. when i back to home i found a few big dog litter front of the door. i was really surprised about that size because it was really big! ew.

im listening to music and now im listening my favorite song "Happiness is a warm gun". I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG but i dont know why. i just love it. i always listen "the beatles" song...actually i dont know many band. i treid to listen other band's song but every song isnt hit me. and im japanese but i dont know about japanese band AT ALL. sometimes my foreign firends ask me about it but i cant answer because i don't know! haha. "johnny's jr"?? pffft. :S
anyway the beatles is the best for me :)



i really want to take a picutre at photobooth with my friend. you know in japan we often take a picutre with our friend at purikura machine. not at photobooth. but i really wanted to try since i saw the movie "Amelie". and i saw a lot of cool photobooth shot in flickr. i think purikura is too clear and now there is the purikura machine which our eyes looks bigger. actually i hate that because it's too unnatural and wrong. some people think that is cute but i dont think so...normal is better. haha anyway i'll take a picutre at photobooth when i find it!!



i just woke up an hour ago and had a shower and now im writing my blog. my life is always lazy because i havent been able to find a language school and job. but i almost deceided a language school. it's a bit expensive for me but my mom attended there when she came here for study abroad and she said "this kind school is good school". so erm...i believe my mom haha. urgh! why is fringe growing so fast? it's poke my eyes.
hum...what should i do today. oh i have to read a book for my english and,,,ah! i wanted to see "Love Actually". english grammer is very difficult for me. i have a text book of english grammer and i brought here from japan os i should do that haha. well i think i need to "STUDY". i always find some reason to avoid studying even im in england. for example,,, to watching a movie with english subtitles. i love to see a movie so i cant get rid of this idea. i know i wouldn't be able to speak english fluently only this method. well i know what should i do but i just dont act. i must change my mind and get into action :) 有言実行ってやつだよね。いつも有言不実行でおわるから。
ohohooooo wow I can't believe it'll soon be septemeber. well tomorrow though haha. time passed quickly since i came here. ah im hungry I haven't had lunch yet. i want to eat japanese food and korean food very much. i love asian food. i think japanese food is the best ahaha.




im going to my friend's house from 4th to 7th. im really look foward to meeting him because we've been friends for 2 years. it will take about 4hours from here though. hahaha. i hope i dont get lost,,,well if i get lost i'll ask people. it's 2:03am now but i cant sleep although i am sleepy.
oh no i forgot to see a movie "Love Actually". i really wanted to see it yesterday because i and my friend was talking about it at...hum...maybe 2 or 3am haha.
aaaaaaaaaaah, i really miss my dog in japan. i i really want to meet her. every time i talk with my father on skype, i can see my dog and i almost cry. i wanted to take her to here (england), but it's too stress for her so i couldnt :(

oh it's sunday today! hum...what am i going to do. i want to make a silent film but i dont have any good idea.


I think only stupid people have good relationshipes

Cool line isnt it? Enid said this line on "Ghost World". I really love this movie because it's not just teenager movie. you know most teenager movies are always happy ending. if you've never seen it, you should see it right now. i think you like it...well im not sure haha. if you are really errrrm....what should i say...if you are like "good girl", you won't be able to understand Enid's feeling.
this movie based from this comic.

god...what a terrible my english grammer. sucks.

oh i've bought 2books when i had been in london so i should read it from today."Pride and Prejudice" is one of my favorite movie ;) so i bought this book. a book have more detail than movie right?
aaaah! my lip is hurt by bloody allergic of cat. i like a cat but i have allergic.



hiya guys. i'm anna from japan, 19 year old and i live in uk now.
i'll live in here for two years because my visa is i can stay for 2 years. i've been here for a month and im staying my father's friend house which near newcastle. now im looking for a language school and job.
i went to london from 16th to 23th. i had a wonderful time in london. and also i went to the oxford to see a location of harry potter. im big fan of harry potter :) anyway there were many nice old building. i was surprised about tempereture because it was quite different with here. it was really hot everyday in london and oxford and i got sunburned. i think it's like errrm Hokkaido and Tokyo
huhuhu i want to talk more and more about my london life but i dont have enough power to write in english today.