i just woke up an hour ago and had a shower and now im writing my blog. my life is always lazy because i havent been able to find a language school and job. but i almost deceided a language school. it's a bit expensive for me but my mom attended there when she came here for study abroad and she said "this kind school is good school". so erm...i believe my mom haha. urgh! why is fringe growing so fast? it's poke my eyes.
hum...what should i do today. oh i have to read a book for my english and,,,ah! i wanted to see "Love Actually". english grammer is very difficult for me. i have a text book of english grammer and i brought here from japan os i should do that haha. well i think i need to "STUDY". i always find some reason to avoid studying even im in england. for example,,, to watching a movie with english subtitles. i love to see a movie so i cant get rid of this idea. i know i wouldn't be able to speak english fluently only this method. well i know what should i do but i just dont act. i must change my mind and get into action :) 有言実行ってやつだよね。いつも有言不実行でおわるから。
ohohooooo wow I can't believe it'll soon be septemeber. well tomorrow though haha. time passed quickly since i came here. ah im hungry I haven't had lunch yet. i want to eat japanese food and korean food very much. i love asian food. i think japanese food is the best ahaha.




im going to my friend's house from 4th to 7th. im really look foward to meeting him because we've been friends for 2 years. it will take about 4hours from here though. hahaha. i hope i dont get lost,,,well if i get lost i'll ask people. it's 2:03am now but i cant sleep although i am sleepy.
oh no i forgot to see a movie "Love Actually". i really wanted to see it yesterday because i and my friend was talking about it at...hum...maybe 2 or 3am haha.
aaaaaaaaaaah, i really miss my dog in japan. i i really want to meet her. every time i talk with my father on skype, i can see my dog and i almost cry. i wanted to take her to here (england), but it's too stress for her so i couldnt :(

oh it's sunday today! hum...what am i going to do. i want to make a silent film but i dont have any good idea.


I think only stupid people have good relationshipes

Cool line isnt it? Enid said this line on "Ghost World". I really love this movie because it's not just teenager movie. you know most teenager movies are always happy ending. if you've never seen it, you should see it right now. i think you like it...well im not sure haha. if you are really errrrm....what should i say...if you are like "good girl", you won't be able to understand Enid's feeling.
this movie based from this comic.

god...what a terrible my english grammer. sucks.

oh i've bought 2books when i had been in london so i should read it from today."Pride and Prejudice" is one of my favorite movie ;) so i bought this book. a book have more detail than movie right?
aaaah! my lip is hurt by bloody allergic of cat. i like a cat but i have allergic.



hiya guys. i'm anna from japan, 19 year old and i live in uk now.
i'll live in here for two years because my visa is i can stay for 2 years. i've been here for a month and im staying my father's friend house which near newcastle. now im looking for a language school and job.
i went to london from 16th to 23th. i had a wonderful time in london. and also i went to the oxford to see a location of harry potter. im big fan of harry potter :) anyway there were many nice old building. i was surprised about tempereture because it was quite different with here. it was really hot everyday in london and oxford and i got sunburned. i think it's like errrm Hokkaido and Tokyo
huhuhu i want to talk more and more about my london life but i dont have enough power to write in english today.