i just woke up an hour ago and had a shower and now im writing my blog. my life is always lazy because i havent been able to find a language school and job. but i almost deceided a language school. it's a bit expensive for me but my mom attended there when she came here for study abroad and she said "this kind school is good school". so erm...i believe my mom haha. urgh! why is fringe growing so fast? it's poke my eyes.
hum...what should i do today. oh i have to read a book for my english and,,,ah! i wanted to see "Love Actually". english grammer is very difficult for me. i have a text book of english grammer and i brought here from japan os i should do that haha. well i think i need to "STUDY". i always find some reason to avoid studying even im in england. for example,,, to watching a movie with english subtitles. i love to see a movie so i cant get rid of this idea. i know i wouldn't be able to speak english fluently only this method. well i know what should i do but i just dont act. i must change my mind and get into action :) 有言実行ってやつだよね。いつも有言不実行でおわるから。
ohohooooo wow I can't believe it'll soon be septemeber. well tomorrow though haha. time passed quickly since i came here. ah im hungry I haven't had lunch yet. i want to eat japanese food and korean food very much. i love asian food. i think japanese food is the best ahaha.

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