hiya guys. i'm anna from japan, 19 year old and i live in uk now.
i'll live in here for two years because my visa is i can stay for 2 years. i've been here for a month and im staying my father's friend house which near newcastle. now im looking for a language school and job.
i went to london from 16th to 23th. i had a wonderful time in london. and also i went to the oxford to see a location of harry potter. im big fan of harry potter :) anyway there were many nice old building. i was surprised about tempereture because it was quite different with here. it was really hot everyday in london and oxford and i got sunburned. i think it's like errrm Hokkaido and Tokyo
huhuhu i want to talk more and more about my london life but i dont have enough power to write in english today.

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