I think only stupid people have good relationshipes

Cool line isnt it? Enid said this line on "Ghost World". I really love this movie because it's not just teenager movie. you know most teenager movies are always happy ending. if you've never seen it, you should see it right now. i think you like it...well im not sure haha. if you are really errrrm....what should i say...if you are like "good girl", you won't be able to understand Enid's feeling.
this movie based from this comic.

god...what a terrible my english grammer. sucks.

oh i've bought 2books when i had been in london so i should read it from today."Pride and Prejudice" is one of my favorite movie ;) so i bought this book. a book have more detail than movie right?
aaaah! my lip is hurt by bloody allergic of cat. i like a cat but i have allergic.

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