spectrespec glasses

hiyaaaa. im sorry i havent post a blog long time because i've been busy for language school. im really really really enjoying it. now i really want this glasses called spectrespec glasses. if you are harry potter fan you already knew it eh? i want to make it. hohoho
aaaah im fucking tired.


fucking tired

hiyaaa i've been busy so i couldnt write a blog. my bloody ill is completely gone and im enjoying school life. really great. hum...i dont know what should i write about. well im really tired now haha tomorrow i have to speech about some topic. im going to talk about one of my hobby, make a silent film and i will probably show my silent film to other students. i know it's boring but i hope they dont sleep.
sorry im tired i dont want to write anymore today.


post it love

i think this video is brilliant. it's really lovely<3
by the way i didnt go to the school today because of my fucking ill.

Harry Potter3のスタン・シャンパイク役の人やた。


my throat is dead finally

i went to my language school today and took a test and my class decided to middle class. a teacher said to me "your english level is very strange" so i was like o_0 what? and then she said "your speaking is high level but your writing level is not high!" haha well im not good at writing you know my grammer is really bad but it will be better soon...i hope. i really enjoyed to talk with students. i was surprised about i couldnt find japanese people today and most of people came from spain and switzerland. my language shool is very international some people from Israel, Saudi Arabia, and errrr i cant rememeber because like i said very international haha. anyway my language school is great but i have to wake up at 8 everyday!!! it's quite hard for me i hope i dont sleep during lessons because when i was a highschool student i always slept during lessons even a teacher woke me up. im really lazy person x)
oh my throat is dead now my voice is completely different but i like it. i really hope my ill will be better soon. urgh


My throat hurts.

i still have a cold but i went to for a walk and took some pictures today. i had a fun myself and also my hostfamily was surprised about i went out because you know im almost spend of my day in my room so my hostmother said "hey anna went out!" x) i uploaded my photos on my flickr so please check it out if you are really bored now.
by the way i could talk with my friend yesterday, she had been cruising so i couldnt talk with her long time. she is in LA now. well we love to talk about naughty things so we talked about that a lot,,, no just kidding we just talked about thesedays and it was quite fun.

oh for god's sake when will my stupid fever gone? my language school starts from next monday! aaaaa i think i should stay in my room as always tomorrow.



i couldnt sleep because i took a nap long time today.
oh i've found another free editting software "photoscape". this software is cool i like it.
i want to get a tatoo on my arm. well i want to get "?",question mark. dont ask me why because i dont know either. i just like question mark. haha

体が回復しだい無声映画つくりたいな第4段だぜ いえあ。

i've got a stupid fever

ello. i've got a stupid fever now i dont know where is this come from. anyway i feel better before. i felt really sick this morning.

oh i forgot to write about cleethorpes. you know i went to "cleethorpes" to meet my friend. it was awesome. well i arrived cleethorpes really early than i expected so i had been wating for an hour. i was trying to call him but i didnt because errr hum erm...anyway i couldnt. and for an hour later a woman talked to me with smile and said "are you anna?" so i said yes. then i realized that she is joe's mother. she is really really charming mother i've ever met. she is like errm....Molly Weasley who is Ron's mother on harry potter. haha and then i met joe. i thought he was a shy boy but he wasnt. he is really funny and cute guy. hihi
i went to the pub and night club with him and his friends. i had never been to night club so i really enjoyed dancing with them although i lost my red lip rouge. it was quite new red lip rouge so i was shock a little but i have the same old red lip rouge actually. i always need a red lip because unfortunately my natural lip colour looks unhealthy. my mom really worrid about it when i was a kid. anyway night club was amazing. me and joe had a little too much to drink but we didnt drunk haha joe's bestfriend was drunk and it was quite fun. next day i had a hangover and felt sick so i was in bed all the time x( haha
i had a really wonderful time in cleethorpes so i felt really sad when i left there. but i think i'll definitely go there again plus i have to bring something for joe's parents next time.
thank you so much joe, his parents and his sisters.
by the way my language school starts from next monday. wheeeey i cant wait and i must get over my stupid cold.




i love silent film and also 1920s. clothes, movie, music, everything is great. i want to be like flapper girls.
wheey im going to my friend's house tomorrow. i have to wake up early...urgh. anyway im looking forward to meet my friend but i m also worry about my english. i'll do my best. i hope i can take a photo at photobooth. hehe. oh god...i forgot to charge my ipod i should do that.


i have to sleep but...

i cant stop editting my photo because finally i could understand how to edit and change to my favorite by JTrim. this is free software and not difficult for biginners so if you are interested in photo and want to try to edit, i recommend this software. above picuter was edited by me...what do you think? i wanted to change it to like retro photos. my father learned about camera when he was young. every photo who taken by him is great. he has a heavy old SLR, in fact his camera isnt degital but film camera. cool isnt it? when i back to japan, i will borrow it from him haha. by the way my father recently turned 60. i thought he turned 58 :0 and i coulndt phone him at his birthday...so i felt really bad about it.

oh god...it's 4:05am now. ah! i should take my contactlens off. fyew i almost forgot about it. night night★

i am he is you are he as you are me and we are all together.

i woke up at 9:30 am. i still cant believe it...i mean i usually wake up after 12pm. sometimes i wake up at 1pm~3pm....anyway i tried to sleep again but i couldnt so i was thinking about today's plan and i realized that i needed to go to the bank because of language school fee. i havent out for 4 or 5 days. im always in my room and my hostfamily worry about it. i dont dislike to go out. i would rather go out than stay in my room all the time. so i went to the bank and i walked around. i was really enjoy to walked around actually. everything seemed to be very fresh...well like i said i havent out lately haha and i've bought a few things at super market...well just Doritos and a water though. when i back to home i found a few big dog litter front of the door. i was really surprised about that size because it was really big! ew.

im listening to music and now im listening my favorite song "Happiness is a warm gun". I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG but i dont know why. i just love it. i always listen "the beatles" song...actually i dont know many band. i treid to listen other band's song but every song isnt hit me. and im japanese but i dont know about japanese band AT ALL. sometimes my foreign firends ask me about it but i cant answer because i don't know! haha. "johnny's jr"?? pffft. :S
anyway the beatles is the best for me :)



i really want to take a picutre at photobooth with my friend. you know in japan we often take a picutre with our friend at purikura machine. not at photobooth. but i really wanted to try since i saw the movie "Amelie". and i saw a lot of cool photobooth shot in flickr. i think purikura is too clear and now there is the purikura machine which our eyes looks bigger. actually i hate that because it's too unnatural and wrong. some people think that is cute but i dont think so...normal is better. haha anyway i'll take a picutre at photobooth when i find it!!