i am he is you are he as you are me and we are all together.

i woke up at 9:30 am. i still cant believe it...i mean i usually wake up after 12pm. sometimes i wake up at 1pm~3pm....anyway i tried to sleep again but i couldnt so i was thinking about today's plan and i realized that i needed to go to the bank because of language school fee. i havent out for 4 or 5 days. im always in my room and my hostfamily worry about it. i dont dislike to go out. i would rather go out than stay in my room all the time. so i went to the bank and i walked around. i was really enjoy to walked around actually. everything seemed to be very fresh...well like i said i havent out lately haha and i've bought a few things at super market...well just Doritos and a water though. when i back to home i found a few big dog litter front of the door. i was really surprised about that size because it was really big! ew.

im listening to music and now im listening my favorite song "Happiness is a warm gun". I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG but i dont know why. i just love it. i always listen "the beatles" song...actually i dont know many band. i treid to listen other band's song but every song isnt hit me. and im japanese but i dont know about japanese band AT ALL. sometimes my foreign firends ask me about it but i cant answer because i don't know! haha. "johnny's jr"?? pffft. :S
anyway the beatles is the best for me :)


  1. jonny'sって言われるといつもえっ?ってなる。日本語だとみんなジャニーズっていうから繋がらないんだよね笑

  2. そうそうジャニーズのスペル調べたときにあれ、ジョニーズじゃんとか思ったぜ。