i have to sleep but...

i cant stop editting my photo because finally i could understand how to edit and change to my favorite by JTrim. this is free software and not difficult for biginners so if you are interested in photo and want to try to edit, i recommend this software. above picuter was edited by me...what do you think? i wanted to change it to like retro photos. my father learned about camera when he was young. every photo who taken by him is great. he has a heavy old SLR, in fact his camera isnt degital but film camera. cool isnt it? when i back to japan, i will borrow it from him haha. by the way my father recently turned 60. i thought he turned 58 :0 and i coulndt phone him at his birthday...so i felt really bad about it.

oh god...it's 4:05am now. ah! i should take my contactlens off. fyew i almost forgot about it. night night★

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