i've got a stupid fever

ello. i've got a stupid fever now i dont know where is this come from. anyway i feel better before. i felt really sick this morning.

oh i forgot to write about cleethorpes. you know i went to "cleethorpes" to meet my friend. it was awesome. well i arrived cleethorpes really early than i expected so i had been wating for an hour. i was trying to call him but i didnt because errr hum erm...anyway i couldnt. and for an hour later a woman talked to me with smile and said "are you anna?" so i said yes. then i realized that she is joe's mother. she is really really charming mother i've ever met. she is like errm....Molly Weasley who is Ron's mother on harry potter. haha and then i met joe. i thought he was a shy boy but he wasnt. he is really funny and cute guy. hihi
i went to the pub and night club with him and his friends. i had never been to night club so i really enjoyed dancing with them although i lost my red lip rouge. it was quite new red lip rouge so i was shock a little but i have the same old red lip rouge actually. i always need a red lip because unfortunately my natural lip colour looks unhealthy. my mom really worrid about it when i was a kid. anyway night club was amazing. me and joe had a little too much to drink but we didnt drunk haha joe's bestfriend was drunk and it was quite fun. next day i had a hangover and felt sick so i was in bed all the time x( haha
i had a really wonderful time in cleethorpes so i felt really sad when i left there. but i think i'll definitely go there again plus i have to bring something for joe's parents next time.
thank you so much joe, his parents and his sisters.
by the way my language school starts from next monday. wheeeey i cant wait and i must get over my stupid cold.

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