my throat is dead finally

i went to my language school today and took a test and my class decided to middle class. a teacher said to me "your english level is very strange" so i was like o_0 what? and then she said "your speaking is high level but your writing level is not high!" haha well im not good at writing you know my grammer is really bad but it will be better soon...i hope. i really enjoyed to talk with students. i was surprised about i couldnt find japanese people today and most of people came from spain and switzerland. my language shool is very international some people from Israel, Saudi Arabia, and errrr i cant rememeber because like i said very international haha. anyway my language school is great but i have to wake up at 8 everyday!!! it's quite hard for me i hope i dont sleep during lessons because when i was a highschool student i always slept during lessons even a teacher woke me up. im really lazy person x)
oh my throat is dead now my voice is completely different but i like it. i really hope my ill will be better soon. urgh

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