i think my hair is really growing

yeah? what do you think? ahh i really want to get a perm, my hair is too straight. i mean even i get a perm, if i use dryer it'll be straight ahaha.
yesterday i cried a lot because my best friends left yesterday ;( it made me really sad.
i think my english getting bad and also my japanese getting bad too. uuuuh.


nose pirecing

finally i've got a nose pirecing. what do you think of it? cool isnt it? i really wanted to get nose or lip pireceing but my parents didnt allow lip one :) so i got nose. but i though it was good choice. because it was quite hurt but looks good. when i went to pirecing studio, people who work in there were really kind to me and i could relax very much.

oh today i cried because i felt really sad. i dont like this week because most of my friends going to go back their country its quite sad things. they are really really nice friends. i must be cry on friday....definitely.

sorry i havent post my blog long time, ive been busy haha



when i woke up, all of my body was hurt in this morning then i realized that i have a fever. i was going to go to school but i couldnt. terrible headache, all of my body hurts and i felt really shit. am i too weak? is my body too weak? urgh!
i really hope i feel better tomorrow.



who cares

apparently i use my tongue a lot when i kiss. joseph told me about it but i didnt know it. well i dont know how to kiss and how to move my tongue. does anybody know it? hummm i think its much influenced by movies. i've always been influenced by movies though. it's kinda my textbook. i know movie's world and real world is different haha but who cares. anyway kiss and hug is great things isnt it. i love to kiss. why most japanese people dont like to kiss in public? because of embarrassed? i think it's crazy if you really love him or her, you can kiss him or her anywhere cant you? hahaha or you think when you kiss him/her in public, you worry about people seeing it? who cares :)
ahah it's just my opinion, im sorry if you dont like to kiss in public.


i feel shit but i dont know why.
i feel depressed i think it's because of joesph.
i feel urgh because of fucking cough.

im going to go out with my friend. we are not the same class different but we came to this school the same day. i think it'll be good day tomorrow. i hope my fucking cough is stop. i know some students have a cold now and i had before. it was nightmare. i couldnt sleep i couldnt thinking i coulndt focus on study everything was suck. winter is coming soon i think it already come here because it's been bloody cold here. i live in near newcaslte, its like hokkaido in japan. anyway im going to take a lots picture. if it rains we wont go out because i dont like bloody rain, i dont still get used to it yet. it makes me feel shit.

shit shit shit fuck.
sorry if my this diary makes you feel umcomfortble.
i just feel shit now.