its november already i havent written my blog again.
today im going to write about good things and bad things
*Vintage clothes shop
i've finally found it in newcaslte so i can go anytime if i want a clothes. i dont like "new" esp, if i go to the clothes shop i can see many same things. i dont like it. haha
i think i can understand about grammar than before. well my english is still bad though.
*Mobile Phone
did i write about my mobile phone? i finally got it a month ago.
my friends sent me some japanese snacks i love it and i often used to eat it so im really happy about it.
i can see him next week oh luke is my boyfriend's nickname. he has many nickname. all of this was decided by me. now his haif looks like luke skywalker thats why "luke".

most of my lovely friends had left recently and a few people moved up their class. now...my class is boring. i hate it actually.
*Package from japan
my mum sent me some of my winter clothes and japanese things but i had to pay about it because of some...mmmmm problem. i paid £90!!! thats fucking crazy and i planed to receive it today but they didnt come! im really worry about it seriously.
*My weight
i gain about 5 kg...i have to do on diet but i cant so i dont
I forget things really easily so i forgot what i wanted to write about bad things haha i though i had a lot of bad news. hmmmmmm well its okay.

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