bloody cold

its getting really cold in here. i hate cold but i like winter.
my course was over on friday and i had really enjoyed in school. i've got certification and its not so bad so i was surprised about it. im going to write about my certification later.
3days left until i go to luke's house and im really looking forward to go there. my mum sent me japanese chopsticks and i will give it to his parents but i dont know they like it because i dont think they have an opporunity for using it....difficult. actually i wanted my parents to send me anther things such as towle or noren, something like that.
oh i can go to Baltic tomorrow maybe...my hostmother told me there are film festival in baltica. errr not festival i dont know what i say. but i think its like museum? anyway i can see many kind of short film and its free. oh yeah i totally have to. actually i drew up one scenario of short film but i dont think its good because i might find similar things on you tube.....hmmmm.
i hate to creat story because im not good at it haha. i prefer act actually.
i have to tidy my room because my room is always messy. its not that i cant clean, im just lazy to do. i want to write more but i dont know what should i write.

okkk about my certification.
im in upper intermediate. (there are Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermeiate, advanced, proficiency)
*Below Avarage ( nothing )
*Avarage ( nothing )
*Good ( Grammar, Writing )
*Excellent ( Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Communicate, Motivation)
good isnt it? ahha yeah im not good at grammar and writing, i dont like to write haha.

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