how lazy i am

I havent wrote my blog long time, i had many chance to do it but i was lazy to do that. and now i cant sleep at all and im bored as hell so now im going to write it ;)
I was in Luke's house from 11th to 16th. i had really great time with him and also his family, his friends were really kind of me. we kissed a lot, we had a bath together everything was fabulous but when we had a bath together, both of us got dizzy, ahaha. his parents took us to Humber bridge, its really long and high bridge and view from this bridge was good. When we walked, i pretended to kick something and then my shoe came off and flew away, that was funny. one thing that i dissapointed was i lost my small degital camera. i though i putted in my lagguage and when i opened it in his house, my camera dissapared then i thought i might have left in my house but i cant find it for now. hmmmm i always lost something ahaha....no seriously i have to be careful more.
Yesterday i went to buffet with my school friends, there were many kind of different country food such as, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and so on, i was really excited about japanese food because of i miss my country food but when we went to there, Sushi was ONLY japanese food. ahaha i was like 0_0 and also that sushi wasnt real sushi. anyway buffet was brilliant, i ate a lots chinese food and my stomach was almost going to explode haha. i couldnt catch my last train so my friend let me to stay her house. thank you yumi.and today,,,well i came back home at 10am, went to bed about 11:00(i slept only 2hours because of girls talk with her yesterday)and woke up at....guess.....18:00. when i woke up, i felt really tired because of too much slept.
thats it :)oh i had my fringe cut, good bye my unique fringe and hello new normal fringe.

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