i want

to work at japanese restaunrant
(actually im going to give them my CVs tomorrow)
to eat Japanese and Korean food.
to cook japanese or korean food.
to learn Korean
to learn Danish
(you know im half korean but i cant speak korean at all)
to study and speak english more and more
to make a film

as you know im in england and im studying english right now but i also want to study Korean, Danish, and German. ahaha i love other country languages. i think if i practice korean very hard, i will be able to speak korean very well because im a half korean, haha noo just kidding. anyway i want to make more korean friends. actually so far, ive never met people from Denmark...hmm.
oh im going to a few japanese restaurant to give them my CVs, dont know why but now i really want to work at there. i know newcastle is a bit far from here (it takes about 40 mins by train) but its okay,,,i think. i mean one problem is that i can catch last train or not. anyway before think aboutit i HAVE TO GET A JOB. ohoho


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