life is sweet

yesterday ive bought 2vintage dress but i dont know i can wash these dress. i really hope i can. i love vintage clothes but i hate smell haha. do you know how to get rid off that smells? if you know it tell me.
i saw the movie "Me and you and everyone we know" it was great. i love kinda slow and quiet movie such as Little miss sunshine, Life is sweet, Thumbsucker and so on. independent movies are great:)
i've finally got ill but its okay because i just have sore throat and cough. sometimes headache ahaha. anyway im going to go to Luke's house tomorrow and stay 5days, we havent met for 2 month. really long time. we have a plan to cook japanese food and watch STAR WARS 6. we going to make Nikujyaga. its errrrr hmmmm simmered meat and potatoes?? i dont know how to explain but its really typical japanese food, it said that if you can make it perfect you can be good wife in japan. ive cooked it once and...it was so so. i mean it wasnt good but not bad haha. i wonder if we can find all the ingredients because you know we usually use 糸コンニャク......and i asked one teacher who had been in japan for 2 years about konnyaku (konjac?) and he said he never see konnyaku in england. well i can make it without this so its fine.
oh yeah and Luke has a lightsaber so i can play with it :) brilliant isnit?
aahhhh i think im fall in love with Paul Dano. he is so sweet.


  1. rid off....ummm ファブリーズ or use some detergent(Downey)lol well...iro ochi niwa ki wo tsukete ne x(

  2. how lovely and romantic dresses! and I think you should start lookbook,really! though it's 招待制 and I don't have any frinds who has lookbook account.