Sufjan Stevens

His songs are amazing. every his songs are brilliant. i havent met any good music long time and i always listen same type songs such as The beatles, Star wars, harry potter...etc. why i talked about him is well first... i love the movie "Driving Lessons" and i always wanted this soundtrack but i couldnt find it. i saw this movie today and suddenly i thought that i might be able to find these music on you tube haha. yeah its really simple and easy idea but i dont know why i never thought it haha. i finally found him on you tube. i didnt noticed that his song was used by "Little Miss Sunshine"! i love this movie and i've seen it many times. i totally have to buy his album.

i love these music. you can hear it on the movie "driving lessons"

what do you think... isnt he great!?
i was thinking about what should i do tomorrow, well i decided to go to newcaslte. i want to go for a walk with my camera , go to hmv and vintage clothes shop. ahaha maybe i can drop in my school and say hi. anyway i feel so great now.
1, i could fine great music.
2, when i chatted with luke, we talked about Star Wars a lot.
3, we decided to watch Star Wars when i go to his house.
4, only 2days left until i go to his house
5, i look forward to walking tomorrow
YES 今日一日つまらんかったから明日は発散してこよう。でもお金使いすぎないように。

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