I went to the job center to make my national insurance number today. when i went to there, a man asked me may i help you so i asked about NIN then he gave me a card which written number and said, just call there. so i called there, i hate telephone because we cant see each other and we cant use body languages haha. anyway when i called there, a woman asked me a few questions such as where am i come from, why do i need NIN and she said something last but actually i dont remember but when i asked her "i just waiting for call or something?" then she said yes so,,,i have to wait something haha. maybe a letter or call. but i dont recieve anything from them in 9days i can call again and ask. i hope i can get it.
By the way period is coming! fyew, i was really worried about that actually. when i made sweet sandwitches i always worry about it haha maybe i shouldnt do that then i dont have to worry uhuhu. its been cold,,,no not cold, freeeeeeeeeezing recently,,,even im in house. i miss kotatsu. oh kotatsu is small table with an electric heater underneath and covered by a quilt. i just serched how to say it in english in here. i really need kotatsu with orange. ha i know sounds really typical japanese house. i think they should be more popular but there is the problem if you get used to kotatsu. if you get used to it, you cant get out from it and you will think you dont want to go anywhere even toilet haha. you can understand what i mean if you've used it once :)
Speaking of kotatsu, it reminds me of 鍋料理(japanes nabe) 

  cool isnt it? in japan when winter comes, we often eat these things. alots vegitables with poke or beef, so its really healthy. i think you can make it if you find nabe(pot) like above things. ah i cant stop thinking about japanese food haha


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