ive got a job

yeah ive been busy for party and job. well today was my 2 time shift and im working at japanese sushi restaurant. i was really nervous the first time but everyone is nice. but today i dropped sake and beer, when i dropped it i just thought "oh my fucking god, boss gonna be suck me and costomer gonna be really mad". i was really surprised that they didnt get mad at me at all. instead they said to me with smile "Dont worry Dont worry". i have to be careful to carry everything, waitress is dificult!!!! argh. but i like my job now.
wow i think my english getting bad, maybe because im tired....i hope so, anway ive been here for 5month. i dont know my english getting better or not. no its getting bad i think. oh gosh i have to study, i know i must study. my hands try not to touch text book. im reallly sleepy i woke up at 9am today o_0 you must be think 9am isnt early time but its really early like 6am for me because i usually get up at 12 or after 12 haha.

oh i almost forgot to write about party. well most of my friends going to back their country or they might have already gone. anyway last wednesday we had a party and it was great. i had 5 glass of wine and 1vodka&Redbull but i didnt get drunk and also i didnt get hungover! brilliant isnt it? i usually get hungover after drink alcohole even i dont get drunk. i think my body getting strong in uk haha. argh i need to learn more vocab. sometimes i cant explain what i really want to tell haha okaaaaaaayy tired bye.

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