i have to sleep, i have a job tomorrow and must wake up till 10 haha. anyway i think i can wake up so thats fine but i will be tired, i hope a lots costomers dont come tomorrow.
ive just finished watching "driving lessons". i really love that film it makes me relax. i realized that i can understand what they said a lot, i mean i bought it a few years ago and of course its without subtitles but i really wanted to see it because Rupert Grint on it haha. when i saw it at first time, i honestly say i couldnt understand what they said. well of course i could understand a little bit but not whole but now...i can hear the sentence :) its brilliant isnt it?
by the way i went to the park today and it was brilliant because everywhere now is light up like christmas tree ;) i like to go for a walk alone although sometimes it makes me feel lonly but its fine. anyway id better to sleep now. nighty night.

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