i lost my glasses in my room

yes i lost it. where did i put it? i dont remember at all. i get lost something easily but i always find it in the end. haha i hope i can find it soon i really need it. well i want to make new one actually but i dont know how to make it. do i have to go to hospital to see my eyes? or can i just go to glasses shop and make it?
ah im tired and i have heavy cramps, i hate period. why do only woman have period? thats not fair. imagine when a man have a period....how to avoid blood. haha you know we have a towel and tampon (i dont use a tampon though). i dont think a man can tampon....but if towes....shape must be like comdom. oh im sorry if today's blog makes you feel bad.


what age do you want to marry?

my answer is 28. some of my friends often say they want to marry more earlier. but i think we should enjoy our life more. you know if you have a baby, you must take care of them and it must be hard.
by the way ive got this pretty cardigan a few days ago. its vintage.
i love this pattern, isnt it unique?

actually im getting hate my job, i think i sould start to look for a job in my town. i wish i could speak english fluently because it sounds more easy to get a job. study anna....STUDY!



my most favorite dinosaurs, you see brachiosaurus's body is huge and their nose is on the top of the head. that is really cute.


ive finally cut my fringe

i really wanted to cut it but also i wanted to keep grow my fringe. but its fine because my fringe is growing really fast. my face look orange on this video but my face is not that orange.
today i woke up at 3pm, yesterday i went to bed at 5 because i was watching "Alice in wonderland" i love this films especialy when alice going to drink something and eat cookies. it looks really delicious and you can be really small or really big when you eat it haha.


g gr gre gree green

ive found my old photos when i had green hair. i want to back this hair (bob and green) but i also want to grow my hair. i think i can dye my hair green now but i wonder where i can get hair colour things...haha
by the way i cooked オムライス(rice omlet?) for my lunch, well it looks not perfect but i could roll rice in egg well. なんかスイートポテトに見えるわ。


favorite korean food.



김치찌개(Gimchi Jjigae)




랭면(Raengmyeon) uuuh i want to go to Korea to eat a lots korean food. when i was a little my mum often cooked 떡국, ohohoh. i havent been to Korea for such a long time. when i come back to japan, ill go to korea to visit my friends :) do you want to come with me?






holy moley

ignore my title. i just wanted to say "Holy moley" because i like the sound holy moley!
i went to the park alone today. i dont have any friends in my city so when i go out, i always alone but its not that bad. i dont still get used to people staring at me because im asian or too ugly...well maybe it could be both. when people staring at me i just pretending not to notice.
anyway i went to park because 1, i needed to walk 2, i thought i could get some good idea of short films. well i couldnt get it because of freezing weather. i left my gloves in my room so my hands were nearly dead. last picture which i wear stocking is a christmas present from my boyfriend's mother. its cute isnt it? ive never worn like this stocking, i mean you see border part, it helps so the stocking dont fall down.
have you noticed that ive changed my layout? i kinda like it but is it too simple? well simple is the best.

i like kinda that music.

Scarlett Johansson is one of my favorite acress and especialy i really love her voice. she is neither thin nor fat. i dont like people who is too thin like skelton and some of them think they are still fat...poor them. anyway i like this video.
by the way im watching "Ghost World" now. well im not "watching", just listening the movie haha. why is this movie make me feel so good? haha

Pete Yorn featuring Scarlett Johansson - Relator Music Video by Jim Wright from BERNSTEIN & ANDRIULLI on Vimeo.



ive just made my 'Vimeo' account and i will upload in here when i make a film.

by the way its really annoying thing happend today. i was going to buy a train ticket at train station. (i have my rail card so i usually get disscount). apparently i had to buy it at office or machine if i use a rail card but when i was going to buy a ticket, a man just left from office because the train that deley just came so i just tried to use a ticket machine but that was out of order. i can buy a ticket in a train so i just got in a train and said can i have a return to brah brah brah and showed my card but i couldnt use it so i just explained what happend but she didnt listen my story so i paid £3 more than usual i pay. well maybe it was my fault but its quite annoying. haha

it was busy day in my restaurant but apparently it was not that busy for other colleague. uuuuh i was panic today because of busy and my english isnt perfect so sometimes i cant understand what costomers say at all so then i just call other waitress. it is quite hard to hear geordie accent even they say slowly. well i have to know more vacab anyway.
today was the first time my face became red because of hot. nervous, panic and worry made my face red. usually even i run in marathon my face colour doenst change but this time it happend to me.

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, english is difficult.
i want to learn other language too though
Danish, German, French and Korean...im half korean but i cant speak korean at all haha


C.Chaplin? B.Keaton? H.Lloyd?

if you aske me which do i like,Chaplin or Keaton or Lloyds, i will answer "Buster Keaton". when i was a kids my dad often used to show me Chaplin's film and i really loved it. a few years ago i saw Keaton's film and suddenly i felt in love with him. since then ive been collected his films and books. maybe some people think every silent films are the same but i dont think so. Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd's films are different and they have their own style.
Chaplin is...as you know chaplin played the tramp who is really poor and his stories are realistic and irony.
Keaton is...he was really acrobatic and he always fall down in his film. personally i really love this kissing style although it looks hurt.
Lloyd is...he was handsome and played rich man. its different with chaplin and keaton. actually i havent see his short films, ive only seen long one.
how terrible explain,,,its okay if you dont understand it haha. i cant explain well even in japanese. and i also love silent actress such as Mary Pickford, Clara Bow, Louise Brooks and so on. they were beautifl and good performer. i wish i could be silent actress.


play with webcam

my fringe getting longer.
i wish my hair was natural perm.



whey i love this camera work.
だれかこのバンド知ってたら教えてー。if you know this band, please tell me.


history of my hair

i often change my hair because im getting fed up with my hair really easily. so today im going to show you the history of my hair haha. i had a long curly hair. i really loved it and i still regret that i had my hair cut. but now my hair getting longer and longer so if my hair is back like first picture, i will get curly hair.
i really like green hair and i want to dye my hair green..........


silent films

i made it today
i havent make a silent film such a long time
and i didnt have any good idea ;(



hiya happy new year everyone
ive came back from my boyfriend's house yesterday, i had been there from 23/12/09 to 3/1/10 and i had a su-fucking perb good time with joseph, his family and his friends. we celebrated christmas, went to Linoln, cooked japanese food and new years party, everything was absolutely brilliant. i was really surprised about joe's family gave me christmas presents, and i felt bad because i didnt bring anything to his family. how stupid i am but i gave them a bottle of wine when i left. i gave joe a scarf that i made myself and he gave me StarWars figure, gown and chocolates. i wanted to knit a hat actually but it seems very difficult and i forgot how to knit by use two sticks. i can only knit by a stick. i dont know these name haha. why i decided to knit is i was going to buy something but i thought "to make something myself" was more cool haha. and we cooked japanese food and they were really good. we cooked Sushi and Okonomiyaki. i learned that i have to think how many people eat when i cook something haha i always cook many.
i cant remember but joseph told me really funny things that when we walked to a pub, he forgot his ID and said to me "he cant buy a drink withought his ID" but i answerd "no no dont worry you can use mines!" haha i was drunk and i dont rememeber what i said. anyway when i woke up next day i had really heavy hungover and i couldnt sleep because i felt sick everytime when i lied down. haha anyway i learnd that i shouldnt drink a lot when im tired. i learnd many things when i was in joseph's house haha.
im going to work very hard to earn a money this year and im going to move upstairs from feburary which means i have to cook myself and everything have to do my self. i was thinking about move to newcastle but i love this small town now and maybe i will look for a job in here soon. anyway i have to get used to my job now ;)

i wish 2010 will be a great year.