hiya happy new year everyone
ive came back from my boyfriend's house yesterday, i had been there from 23/12/09 to 3/1/10 and i had a su-fucking perb good time with joseph, his family and his friends. we celebrated christmas, went to Linoln, cooked japanese food and new years party, everything was absolutely brilliant. i was really surprised about joe's family gave me christmas presents, and i felt bad because i didnt bring anything to his family. how stupid i am but i gave them a bottle of wine when i left. i gave joe a scarf that i made myself and he gave me StarWars figure, gown and chocolates. i wanted to knit a hat actually but it seems very difficult and i forgot how to knit by use two sticks. i can only knit by a stick. i dont know these name haha. why i decided to knit is i was going to buy something but i thought "to make something myself" was more cool haha. and we cooked japanese food and they were really good. we cooked Sushi and Okonomiyaki. i learned that i have to think how many people eat when i cook something haha i always cook many.
i cant remember but joseph told me really funny things that when we walked to a pub, he forgot his ID and said to me "he cant buy a drink withought his ID" but i answerd "no no dont worry you can use mines!" haha i was drunk and i dont rememeber what i said. anyway when i woke up next day i had really heavy hungover and i couldnt sleep because i felt sick everytime when i lied down. haha anyway i learnd that i shouldnt drink a lot when im tired. i learnd many things when i was in joseph's house haha.
im going to work very hard to earn a money this year and im going to move upstairs from feburary which means i have to cook myself and everything have to do my self. i was thinking about move to newcastle but i love this small town now and maybe i will look for a job in here soon. anyway i have to get used to my job now ;)

i wish 2010 will be a great year.

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  1. Long time no talkkkk!!
    Do you remember me?

    A Happy New Year!!