C.Chaplin? B.Keaton? H.Lloyd?

if you aske me which do i like,Chaplin or Keaton or Lloyds, i will answer "Buster Keaton". when i was a kids my dad often used to show me Chaplin's film and i really loved it. a few years ago i saw Keaton's film and suddenly i felt in love with him. since then ive been collected his films and books. maybe some people think every silent films are the same but i dont think so. Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd's films are different and they have their own style.
Chaplin is...as you know chaplin played the tramp who is really poor and his stories are realistic and irony.
Keaton is...he was really acrobatic and he always fall down in his film. personally i really love this kissing style although it looks hurt.
Lloyd is...he was handsome and played rich man. its different with chaplin and keaton. actually i havent see his short films, ive only seen long one.
how terrible explain,,,its okay if you dont understand it haha. i cant explain well even in japanese. and i also love silent actress such as Mary Pickford, Clara Bow, Louise Brooks and so on. they were beautifl and good performer. i wish i could be silent actress.


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