holy moley

ignore my title. i just wanted to say "Holy moley" because i like the sound holy moley!
i went to the park alone today. i dont have any friends in my city so when i go out, i always alone but its not that bad. i dont still get used to people staring at me because im asian or too ugly...well maybe it could be both. when people staring at me i just pretending not to notice.
anyway i went to park because 1, i needed to walk 2, i thought i could get some good idea of short films. well i couldnt get it because of freezing weather. i left my gloves in my room so my hands were nearly dead. last picture which i wear stocking is a christmas present from my boyfriend's mother. its cute isnt it? ive never worn like this stocking, i mean you see border part, it helps so the stocking dont fall down.
have you noticed that ive changed my layout? i kinda like it but is it too simple? well simple is the best.

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