ive just made my 'Vimeo' account and i will upload in here when i make a film.

by the way its really annoying thing happend today. i was going to buy a train ticket at train station. (i have my rail card so i usually get disscount). apparently i had to buy it at office or machine if i use a rail card but when i was going to buy a ticket, a man just left from office because the train that deley just came so i just tried to use a ticket machine but that was out of order. i can buy a ticket in a train so i just got in a train and said can i have a return to brah brah brah and showed my card but i couldnt use it so i just explained what happend but she didnt listen my story so i paid £3 more than usual i pay. well maybe it was my fault but its quite annoying. haha

it was busy day in my restaurant but apparently it was not that busy for other colleague. uuuuh i was panic today because of busy and my english isnt perfect so sometimes i cant understand what costomers say at all so then i just call other waitress. it is quite hard to hear geordie accent even they say slowly. well i have to know more vacab anyway.
today was the first time my face became red because of hot. nervous, panic and worry made my face red. usually even i run in marathon my face colour doenst change but this time it happend to me.

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, english is difficult.
i want to learn other language too though
Danish, German, French and Korean...im half korean but i cant speak korean at all haha


  1. haha me too.im completely korean but i cant speak korean.

  2. i want to be able to speak korean. korean pronunciatio is quite cute isnt it?