dont know why i made this.

i made really simple and boring short film. it has no story, i just took it.
yesterday i took a nap from 6pm but when i woke up it was 00:30 and slept for 6hours without dinner. actually i wanted to sleep until this morning because i needed to fix my lifestyle but i couldnt sleep after i woke up. so now i feel really sleepy ive just finished to eat my early dinner. i cooked spagettie bolognage, actually it was the first time too cook it and really yummmmmyy.

i only have a work 2days this week...i need to work more but joseph is coming on this friday. finally i can enjoy :)
hmm if i go to bed at 19:00 today, when will i wake up....i hope i dont wake up until tomorrow morning then my lifestyle is going back to normal.

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  1. Anna可愛い<333