joe had been stayed in my house for 4days and i had a really great time with him. an d we saw chinese new year in nc, cooked japanese food, played SIMs, watched movies. we cooked japanese curry rice and sushi. we already had cooked sushi before and we really love it so we dicided to make it again. oh joe gave me STAR WARS poster.i was surprised about it and also felt really bad because i didnt prepare gift for Valentines day. i know im a bad gf. i got a light saber which was his old toy, he said he doesnt use anymore so he gave me.
we talked about diarrhea seriously. i really hated when i felt diarrhea in school. maybe you have an experience like that havent you? you know you cant go to toilet at break time because everyone use a toilet at that time. but if you dont go to toilet, you cant focus for study or anything. so you have to go to toilet nearly finish break time or during lessons.....do you understand what i mean? haha well my stomach is not that strong so if i eat something really expensive things or bad food,,,,yeah. okay id better to stop talk about this haha
anyway i had a really great time but we didnt take a pictures a lot.

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  1. You guys are super sweetie couple <33