my colourful cardigan/sweater

every those cardigan and sweaters are i got in here, they are not new. i got them at charity shop or vintage shop. and i realized that i always get colourful one. actualy i dont like colourful haha. id never worn like them when i was in japan but now i really like it. you see top left,,,ive got that nice knit dress yesterday. it was only £5 at charity shop. my favorite colour is black and grey so i often look for black cardigan but i cant find nice one. i should look for it in normal shop, i mean i always buy clothes at charity or vintage because i like vintage....i hate that smell though haha so i always wash them before i use.
im looking for black dress or skirt i really want black clothes but i will not buy clothes until next month because i have to save bloody money. unfortunately im not rich, i hate "money". it makes people destroy. dont you think so? but we cant live without it so we must work. aaaaaaaah.


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