new room

this is my room. it looks still a little bit messy but good isnt it? i must cook myself from today so i went to tesco and bought a lot. it was hard to brought all of them back to home haha. fortunately i live in near tesco so thats fine. i took a nap from 18 to 22pm but im still sleepy because i worked hard today haha. i think my muscle will be hurt tomorrow espacially legs....i dont remember how many times i walked up and down the stairs today :P.
anyway this room is really nice, maybe i will take a short film soon. just boring short film though. hmmm which films should i watch before i go to bed "Harry potter6" or "Jurassic Park". i want to see magic but i also want to see dinousours. mayve you think i can watch both but i dont have enough power to watch both of them haha.

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