things to do today

im bored as hell and i cant sleep. well i woke up at 6pm yesterday. my life syle has gone crazy and also i feel like ( ), i mean nothing. and i cant thinking...you know what i mean? kinda depressed but not depressed. when i feel like that, everything going to be really bad like increase a mistake at job although i usually do a few mistake and appearently i look tired even im not tired, oh i cant sleep even im really tired. its weired isnt it? when i go to bed, then i start to think about everything or daydreaming and its bother to sleep.
anyway i have to fix my lifestyle so i should awake until tonight. i dont know i can do it though. i want to make a short film but i dont have any good idea so it must be boring video haha

here is my plan of today
・have a shower
・go to tesco
・make a short film
・dont sleep until dinner
・go to bed until 00:00

thats it. i dont think i can awake till tonight because i alway cant do like that. i usually get sleepy after noon haha. so i have to make a film after noon. oh maybe i will be struggle to remain awake during filming at that time.
ahhhh i forgot to write about i cooked curry rice omlet a few days ago. it looks nice isnt it? actually when i cooked it, i couldnt get rid of curry smell in my room. but it was yummmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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