i went to walk in this morning, it was quite good. but ive should gone more earlier because when i went to the park there were already a few people, i mean school kids, people with doggie and so on. i wanted to go walk when nobody in the park. actually i didint sleep today, now i feel a bit sleepy but i wont sleep because if i sleep now, i know i cant wake up until 5 or 6pm. haha actually i was thinking im going to supermarket for buy some food but i dont want to go and i have a ...well food haha i have rice and pasta i think its enough. oh i havent eat vegitables for such a long time......garrrrrrrrrrr. im so lazy to go to supermarket but im getting fed up with noodles ha.
my brain want to sleep apparently. dont sleep my brain, please keep me awake. i need to finish covering letter. i really need it for work. joe joe joe where is he? stay with me and keep me awake otherwise i will sleep haha

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