what i got yesterday

loose jeans with pretty dots , funny chicken t-shirt, mysterious long sleeves, black dress.funny chiken t-shirt was only £1.
yesterday i went to charity shop, i thought there were no good clothes before i go but i was wrong there were so many good things! maybe it is because seasons change. unfortunately as you know i dont have a money so i bought 4 clothes,,,i know i shouldnt've done it. but instead, i choosed cheaper food haha however i usually about £20 a week for foods but this time i just went over £5...i know maybe too much but think about it,,,not only foods :)


Taking Woodstock

first i was really surprised that old woman (on top photos) is Umbridge in harry potter, when i saw her i was like "wait...is she Umbridge? Imelda Staunton?" so i stopped to watch it and serched about this film and its HER!
this story is about behind the people of woodstock music festival in 1969. actually i didnt know about this music festival at all but according to my reserch apperently it was crazy because about 200000people were supposed to come but actually 400 thousand people came and half of them didnt buy a ticket so it was like a free festival. you can see more details in
Hippies...you can see so many hippies on it, that is cool. it reminds me of my dad, becase he used to be a hippie, he had a long hair with hair band and beard. haha freedom! yeah i thik my parents are really freedom, they just let me to do whatever i want. sometimes its not good though, thats why my brother went to wrong way although he is fine now.


i like it but i felt bored some scene a bit. but its really funny movie especially this adventureland's boss and his wife? girlfriend? anyway they are such a nice character.  クリステン・スチュワートのことあんまり知らないけど彼女って素朴な約似合うよね。あの飾ってない感じが良い。

the Girl Nextdoor

its a sexy comedy movie. a boy fall in love with a girl next door who is very sexy and porn actress. i really wanted to see this beause Emile Hirsch and Paul Dano on it haha anyway this film was really funny and i really like it. Emile is such a great actor, he is really great in 'into the wild'.

woke up at 7pm

because i went to bed at 7am, i was waching movies all night yesterday. actually i was really tired because i had a work yesterday but i didnt want to sleep so i dicided to watch 3 movies. "Gilr Nextdoor", "Adventureland", and "Taking woodstock". i really like them im going to talk about it later.
argh i really want to buy some clothes but i cant afford it. i want to go to london to see vintage clothes, you know there are so many vintage shop, i havent buy any clothes for such a long time, well i dont have to because i brought a lots clothes from japan...i shoundnt've done it though.
now i have a plan to move to josephine's house on june but the problem is how should i move my lots stuff there...maybe i can send them to his house before i move, i need to serch about it more. i hope its not expensive.
i miss my lovely doggie lovely lovely lovely doggie in japan. i want to kiss, hug, smell her haha



new shortfilm, i just wanted to try ghost effect this time. story isnt good as always...i should've put on bra and makeup, i totally forgot about it haha.



i dont know why but now i really really want a kaleidscope. i was thinking about my Blog's name and layout, you know i often change it and then a "kaleidoscope" just occured to me. ive made it myself when i was a little. i think i might be able to make it now if i can find all of materials. i serched how to make it on youtube there are many how to videos and i also found the band from uk called Kaleidoscope, and its really my favorite type 60s music! awesome awesome awesome. you can listen their song if you want↓



ive just finished watching the movie called "Heathers" its 1988's suspense comedy. ive never heard about this movie and i just found it on you tube. i didnt know that there are this kinda movie, its funny and i really love people's fashion in it. Christian Slater played as JD who is killer, he was handsome but really crazy, his acting reminds me of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger...which means GREAT :) i dont know much about him though.


steamboat bill jr



yabai yo!

来週のバイトは週1だけなんだけども、もうこれはやばすぎ。危機を感じております、もうJob centerにでも行くしかない、明日から仕事探し必死こいてやらんとっていってもあたいが住んでるところじゃ小さくて見つからねえ。今月あたいの体重は一気に減るであろう、家賃だけでもういっぱいいっぱいです。イギリスで激貧乏生活・・・。楽しめてないよw苦しんでるよwやはりこれは引っ越すしかないかな彼の家へ。でもそんなことできないー。それするだけでもお金かかる、あたいの荷物量半端ないし。ロンドンへ行きたいなー。



i found a funny wonderful video about japan. yeah this is japan haha

if you want to watch it in english, you can watch it in here
actually i really hate purikura now because its too strange, well im in england so i dont know about it at all but when i see my friend's purikura, i always think what happened with their eyes, becaues its too big like an alien. its not natural. im sorry if you like current purikura but its not natural...at all.



it was nice weather today. i realized that my skin is getting really bad because i hadnt eat vegitable such a long time so i went to tesco and bought many veg. and i started to take Vitamin whici i brought from japan. im a girl, i need to be careful about my skin. oh and i need to trim my eyebrowsm, my fringe now is really short.


short fringe

i had cut my fringe. i dont know why but i felt like i wanted to cut my fringe really short so...i did it. haha。こんなに短くたのは初めてじゃけ。おれポニーテールとかすると結構いいんだよ。短い前髪と合うんだな。残念なのはあたいの顔が長いこと。



clone edit...its quite difficult. Timing, bright everything...
this clone video is the first time i made so its not good, you can see invisible line haha.


my face is really itchy

fyew, my neck and hands are really hurt because ive been writing a story of films. i dont think i can make this film because its not short nor long an also if i make this film, i need many people and places. but i just wrote it because it might be good idea. its based on my story. what i feel and see everyday in england...nearly about my life haha i wish i could make it though. well its not finish yet, i think i need someone's opinion what they think and feel. does anybody wants to see it? haha i wrote in english and japanese. i just wrote in japanese first so english version is a bit different with japanese one and there are must be a lots mistake. i didnt write details so it might be boring for you.

its incredible

this is original napoleon dynamite.

"Last week, Japanese scientists explaced... placed explosive detonators at the bottom of Lake Loch Ness to blow Nessie out of the water. Sir Cort Godfrey of the Nessie Alliance summoned the help of Scotland's local wizards to cast a protective spell over the lake and its local residents and all those who seek for the peaceful existence of our underwater ally."



Napoleon dynamiteだけの話しだとおもってたよ。あと日本人がイルカ食べるって話題になるまで知らなかった。鯨は知ってるけどね。鯨の肉は食べれないですあたし見た目が無理。今週バイトがないんで来週の生活費がやばいです、来週げっそりになるだろうな本当、バイトがあればまかないがあるからどうになるけど。
今週バイトがない代わりにShort filmでも久しぶりに作ろうかなーなんておもっててアイディアはあるんだけどやっぱり一人でやるには限られちゃって。me and meの続編でも無理やり作ってみようかななんて思ってるんよ。うん二人あたいがでるやつ。あれは本当作るの簡単だから、とってつなげればいいし。早めにセリフとか決めて英語直してもらわなきゃ。日本語でやったほうが簡単じゃんーなんて思うかもだけど、日本語でやるとなんだか変になっちゃいそうで、日本語版も考えてみるけど、イギリスにおるし英語ってたくさんの人が理解できる言語だからね。まあ見る人なんてごく少数だけどね、Moviemakerじゃない編集ソフトが使いたい。


Eagle vs Shark

its really pretty movie. i bet you like it if your favorite movie type is the same as me.


hiya. ive just came back from my boyfriend's house and i had a really good holiday there. hows your holiday? actually i caught a cold while i stayed his house and its still going on now. well i feel better than yesterday even though my nose completely blocked and cant breath haha. by the way i really want "Vote for pedro"t-shirt. hmmmm should i get it? hmmmmm.


sorry mate, ive got quidditch.

i would be a chaser if i could play the quidditch. i only can fly with bloomstick in my dream and actually im really good player in it. i wish it could be real. where is my letter of hogwarts? an owl must have gotten lost my letter in the mail.