Taking Woodstock

first i was really surprised that old woman (on top photos) is Umbridge in harry potter, when i saw her i was like "wait...is she Umbridge? Imelda Staunton?" so i stopped to watch it and serched about this film and its HER!
this story is about behind the people of woodstock music festival in 1969. actually i didnt know about this music festival at all but according to my reserch apperently it was crazy because about 200000people were supposed to come but actually 400 thousand people came and half of them didnt buy a ticket so it was like a free festival. you can see more details in
Hippies...you can see so many hippies on it, that is cool. it reminds me of my dad, becase he used to be a hippie, he had a long hair with hair band and beard. haha freedom! yeah i thik my parents are really freedom, they just let me to do whatever i want. sometimes its not good though, thats why my brother went to wrong way although he is fine now.

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