woke up at 7pm

because i went to bed at 7am, i was waching movies all night yesterday. actually i was really tired because i had a work yesterday but i didnt want to sleep so i dicided to watch 3 movies. "Gilr Nextdoor", "Adventureland", and "Taking woodstock". i really like them im going to talk about it later.
argh i really want to buy some clothes but i cant afford it. i want to go to london to see vintage clothes, you know there are so many vintage shop, i havent buy any clothes for such a long time, well i dont have to because i brought a lots clothes from japan...i shoundnt've done it though.
now i have a plan to move to josephine's house on june but the problem is how should i move my lots stuff there...maybe i can send them to his house before i move, i need to serch about it more. i hope its not expensive.
i miss my lovely doggie lovely lovely lovely doggie in japan. i want to kiss, hug, smell her haha

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