the darjeeling limited

i just realized that Adrien Brody looks like John Lennon and Jason Schwartzman looks like Ringo Starr. dont you think so? anyway the darjeeling limited is one of my favorite movies, music is also good. i really want to go to India.


  1. Love this film! The light in India is amazing and train is the best way to see the country. The use of colour in this film is brilliant! x

  2. thanks for the comment and yeah you love this film!? yeah its brilliant, i want to visit india and eat a lots kind of curry as much as i can.

  3. Have you seen Rushmore? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hQel3noQeI The curry in South India is amazing. Have been to Goa and Kerela. Great Blog by the way! x