im not going to post a blog with photos today, sometimes i feel like just want to write something. okay firstly i'm in a bit shock because my profile just disappeared from my agency's website, well i know the reason why: im not in japan at the moment and even when i was in japan i didnt do a lots work but im still in shock. at least i just wanted them to ask me before remove it haha. i realized that i really need to do something big before i go back to japan. i dont want to back to japan with nothing.

secondly i really want to chage my hair, you know i change it quite often. i had short hair, green hair, curly, short fringe and so on. sometimes i think want to try dreadlocks. its really cool. well when i told my parents about it, they said NO. i wont do that though because im really worry about smell. if you have this hair, you cant wash it everyday. anyway i will get perm one day like when i was in high school, i really loved that hair. appearently teachers hated my hair though, i remember that they were angry at me...i didnt back to straight though. and they also doubted my hair color even i didnt do anything, it was quite annoying.
well i think these things are probably one of my good memory...i shouldve enjoyed high school life more becaus i didnt enjoy it. i didnt even take a note the last half of school...haha i always think its miracle that i could graduate. because i only good at English and a bit German and terrible at rest of them unfortunately.


i want a Rollerblade , where can i get it? ebay?

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