fuck diarrhea

dont know why i get diarrhea easily. apparently my stomach isnt that strong although i eat a lot. i am very happy when i watch a movie, eat something, and sleep. sounds really lazy though. if my friends, family or boyfriends leave some foods, i always eat that because i dont want waste of it. i work as waitress you know and i see people who order many foods even they cant eat all of it and left it. i hate fucking these people and i dont understand. how can they do like that? its just wasted of food and money...i think i said like that before on this blog. ha sorry i am very forgetful like old people.
oh yeah thesedays i find really weird ugly insects around my bed. so i need to clean my room. i dont think my room is really dirty. a few days ago i found the 4th same insect so i captured it, showed my hostmother and she said it comes from garden...ewwwwww. i really hate a insect. i really hate even its a butterfly. because ive stepped on it once haha

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