i had a work and it was a little bit busy today, my back and legs are realy hurt. well i have a work tomorrow too though. anyway funny things happend when i was on my way to home. when i was in train, a guy asked me if he falls a sleep, wake him up when we get our station because he was drunk and i said okay so i thought he went to sleep but a few minutes later, he asked me do i mind if he sit down next me and i said no. i didnt know why i say no haha anyway so we were talking until get our train station, first we talked about why im in uk and what is he studying in uni. he is one older than me. then suddely he asked me can he kiss me. i was like 'what the fuck is he talking about'. of course i said NO, but he said please so i said 'if you touch me, ill kick your nuts.' and he gave up but we still kept talk. when we got our train station, we just stopped to talk, got off and went to home. we didnt even say good bye haha. i thought it was a bit dangerous but actually i was glad to talk with somebody in a train because it never happend to me before. i know i need to be careful though. i was thinking that if he follow me when we get off the train, im going to ask people help but he didnt nothing so it was okay :)

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