ive just finished cleaning up. i realized that i have lots of clothes as if i was born in uk. i will move to my bf's house soon...i hope deliver isnt expensive.
oh yeah i really want to say 'thank you' to my mum. well she often sent me many things and a few weeks ago i really needed sesame oil but i couldnt find it in here so i asked my mum to send me and when i received it, there were black dress and sesame oil in it....i only took them away at that time. today ive found another things, i didnt noticed them because its flat and in plastic bag. guess what? she also sent me the brochure of 'Sherlock Holmes' for me :) how kind my mum. i was like 'oh my god' when found it. thank you mum.
anyway im going to cook korean food called japchae(잡채). i hope i can cook well. but first i need to have a shower.
pictures are my room (before after) and my wet hair. my hair is curly when its wet but it goes back to straight when i dry my hair.
んで今夜ははチャプチェつくってみるぜ。写真は部屋のbefore afterと自分の濡れた髪←あたいの髪濡れてるときはくるってなるんだよね。乾かすとストレートに戻るけどさ。

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