mama had a chicken, mama had a cow, dad was proud, he doesn't care how.


Wayne's world

i watched it a few days ago and it was amazing. very funny.

ps. i just made my formspring (right→), so ask me anything if you are bored ha.



i feel like im in aquarium today for no reason. i guess it is because i saw many pictures of it. there is the big aquarium in hull and it takes about 2hours from here so i really want to go there but i caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan't because i don't have any money and the music festival is in 2 weeks. well i might be able to go there but i dont think i can buy something. i want a t-shirt.
i used to go to aquarium when i was a little with my dad and brother. i used to have a big fish book, video, something like that. my dad often took us to many places like dinosaur museum and zoo. thank you dad. i have a necklace which is fish shape made by shellfish and i often wore it. and i lost it...well i thought i lost it but apparently i just left it in my old room haha. Jane has just found it and she told me about it in email. FYEW. i also left Gryffindor tie in there haha.



anyone else but you

we just tried to sing "anyone else but you" like in the movie 'JUNO'.

why am i so eww.



yahoo. my fingers hurt because i kept practicing guitar. now i can play norwegian wood but i need a bit more practice. im really glad to play my favorite song myself haha. im going to car boots sale (its like a flee market) tomorrow, i went to there before and it was really good. i got old film camera and its only 2quid. i hope i can find old good camera again tomorrow.
joe is wathing his home video with her sister in upstairs. ive already seen it. i want to see my home video when i back to japan. i was really ugly when i was a little although still ugly but a little bit better than that time i guess.
there is the best scene in joes video that
his dad "what are you doing joe?"
joe "Having a poooooo" (high voice)
his dad "oh dear"
he was about 3 or 4years old? anyway very cute and funny haha



ive been practicing guitar for a month and finally i can play blackbird. still not perfect though. but i really wanted to play it before i started to learn guitar and fortunately some of the beatles's songs are not difficult for me so i could play it but not blackbird :)i wish i could sing with it, i know the lyrics, i just cant sing! haha. by the way that cat picutre was taken by my dad in Israel. cute isnt it?




顔洗ってるときに鼻ピアスなくした。これでいくつめだろう。もう残るはnose ringのみだ。買わないとな普通の鼻ピアス。リングだと仕事にひびきそうだし。普通のだったら大丈夫だけど。


oh yeah

i got it in charity shop! it was £10,,,but its rare and good condition.



i was going to make a video blog because im really bored but i dont know what to talk about so i didint. i was thinking that it would be fun if me and my friends make a video blog each other, i mean its like we can decide what to talk about every time and talk about it in 5mins or something like that. if you like to drawing or creating, you can show it on your video. dont know why but im really excited about it myself ha.
Big Chill music festival is coming in 3 weeks and ive been thinking that i need to get a job now or after the festival because if i get it now i dont know i can take a holiday or not. well i can ask though. sounds like im trying to escape from to look for a job but im not. i need a job right now, need a money, want to buy a clothes, and want to go to acting school.
あと今どうしようか迷ってて、big chill(ミュージックフェスティバル)が3週間後にあって、そのあとに仕事探し本気でするか、それともいまのうちにするか。だってもし今みつけたとして、休みがとれるかが心配だしね。なんだか逃げてるような言い訳だけどさ。逃げてないんだよ迷ってるのよ。仕事必要だし。お金ないし、劇団に通いたいし。あーーーーあばばばば。


birds are singing

its 3:40am and im still awake. i just dont want to sleep, well i want to but i dont want to, do you know what i mean? ew my hands are sticky now i dont know why.
last saturday i went out with joe and his friends, i didnt want to spend my money so i didnt drink many but had a good night as always. some idiot threw an egg from their car and hit to joes super important silver trousers and his friends jacket, we didn recognize it was an egg for a few seconds and we were like 'What the fuck was that?'. i thought somebody dropped their drink though haha. and we wasted 3quids in 80s night club...well it used to be good night club butt apparently a bit changed. anyway when we went there, needed to pay 3quids to in and it was fucking hot in the club like sauna. just stayed 5mins and dicided to move to others.
joe is sleeping next me and i think,,,he is having a nightmare because i heard he cried a bit. poor josephine.


whip it

i watched the film called "whip it". it was really good. i didnt know that there is the sports like this (roller derby), i really want to try it actually although i hate to get hurt. anyway i was really lucky to get nice roller blades a few days ago, i still cant belive that it was only 2.50. and joe has just bought it so when he recieve it, we will go out with it, it will be great i think. but first i need to teach him how to do it though.
bloody eczema has just came back on my neck and around chin. oh yeah and also on my lips. its really uncomfortable, even i cant kiss easily. i dont know why i got theses illness many times, is it come from mental things? im quite enjoying my life though. whats wrong with my body? i hate my bloody senstive skin. anyway i REALLY hope its get better soon.
its been really nice weather in uk, really comfortable to stay outise for me but apparently its really hot for english people. ha i dont think they can stay in japanese summer. its bloody hot and humid. ew.
Whip itって映画みた。ずっと見たかったのに忘れててミリに言われて思い出した。良い映画だったなー。あのエレンペイジが恋する男のはかっこいいと思わなかったけど。んであのコーチ誰かに似てるなっておもったらWilson兄弟の長男だったんだね。3人とも俳優なんてすごいわ。しかもそれぞれ個性的で。これ見た後joeが「僕もやりたい」って言ってebayで安いローラーブレード買ってた。届いたら外にでる機会増えるかもねいいわいいわ。