birds are singing

its 3:40am and im still awake. i just dont want to sleep, well i want to but i dont want to, do you know what i mean? ew my hands are sticky now i dont know why.
last saturday i went out with joe and his friends, i didnt want to spend my money so i didnt drink many but had a good night as always. some idiot threw an egg from their car and hit to joes super important silver trousers and his friends jacket, we didn recognize it was an egg for a few seconds and we were like 'What the fuck was that?'. i thought somebody dropped their drink though haha. and we wasted 3quids in 80s night club...well it used to be good night club butt apparently a bit changed. anyway when we went there, needed to pay 3quids to in and it was fucking hot in the club like sauna. just stayed 5mins and dicided to move to others.
joe is sleeping next me and i think,,,he is having a nightmare because i heard he cried a bit. poor josephine.

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