yahoo. my fingers hurt because i kept practicing guitar. now i can play norwegian wood but i need a bit more practice. im really glad to play my favorite song myself haha. im going to car boots sale (its like a flee market) tomorrow, i went to there before and it was really good. i got old film camera and its only 2quid. i hope i can find old good camera again tomorrow.
joe is wathing his home video with her sister in upstairs. ive already seen it. i want to see my home video when i back to japan. i was really ugly when i was a little although still ugly but a little bit better than that time i guess.
there is the best scene in joes video that
his dad "what are you doing joe?"
joe "Having a poooooo" (high voice)
his dad "oh dear"
he was about 3 or 4years old? anyway very cute and funny haha

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