whip it

i watched the film called "whip it". it was really good. i didnt know that there is the sports like this (roller derby), i really want to try it actually although i hate to get hurt. anyway i was really lucky to get nice roller blades a few days ago, i still cant belive that it was only 2.50. and joe has just bought it so when he recieve it, we will go out with it, it will be great i think. but first i need to teach him how to do it though.
bloody eczema has just came back on my neck and around chin. oh yeah and also on my lips. its really uncomfortable, even i cant kiss easily. i dont know why i got theses illness many times, is it come from mental things? im quite enjoying my life though. whats wrong with my body? i hate my bloody senstive skin. anyway i REALLY hope its get better soon.
its been really nice weather in uk, really comfortable to stay outise for me but apparently its really hot for english people. ha i dont think they can stay in japanese summer. its bloody hot and humid. ew.
Whip itって映画みた。ずっと見たかったのに忘れててミリに言われて思い出した。良い映画だったなー。あのエレンペイジが恋する男のはかっこいいと思わなかったけど。んであのコーチ誰かに似てるなっておもったらWilson兄弟の長男だったんだね。3人とも俳優なんてすごいわ。しかもそれぞれ個性的で。これ見た後joeが「僕もやりたい」って言ってebayで安いローラーブレード買ってた。届いたら外にでる機会増えるかもねいいわいいわ。

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  1. love this movie :) wish i could have roller blades, too!