i'm just thinking that 'to create something' is difficult. yesterday when i was in toilet, there were no toilet roll and i just wondered if i capture an image of change a toilet roll, it would be interesting. that scene was the first time i filmed and then just thinking about mundane life like make a cup of tea, brush my teeth, listening a music...although i shouldn't have danced last part. i always can't think of ending, don't know how should i finish a film. that's why my film ends up failing, i mean its not like 'THE END' , like 'oh that's it?'. how did everyone come up with good idea for a film or drawing? should i read many books? because my dad is a teacher and he said to me i should read more books. to be honest i'm not good at reading, i mean it makes me sleepy, of course i LOVE to read HARRY POTTER and SOSEKI NATSUE's book (he is my most favorite writer). also every clever people in a school are always reading many books aren't they? well i need to start from try not feel sleepy when i'm reading. now i feel like i want to go to book shop because im talking about a book. bloody hell my english is getting really bad. haha
創作って難しいななんて考えてた。昨日もたまたまトイレにいたときにペーパーがちょうどきれてて「これ取り換えてみるのを撮ったらものすごく日常的でおもしろそうだな」って思ったのが始まりでそこから撮り始めて。とりあえずごくごく日常的なことを考えてみてteaつくってみたり、歯みがいてみたり、でも最後のダンスはいらなかったなって思ってる。いっつもフィルム作ってると最後が大変なんだよな。どうやって終わらせたらいいんだろうなーなんて。それで結局いっつも中途半端んだけど。本とかたくさん読んでたりすればやっぱりアイディアたくさんでてくるのだろうか。よく言われてきたんだよね「本を読め」って。あたしハリー・ポッターと夏目漱石さん(一番大好きな作家)くらいしか読まないからね。それに学校で頭が良い人はたくさんの本を読んでるでしょ? ははは。まずは読んで眠くならないようにすることからはじめなきゃ私の場合は。本の話してたら本屋さんいきたくなったわ。がー英語がだんだん下手になってきてる気がsる。

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