hello, i haven't post long time. i wasn't that busy, just played computer game most of time haha. i'm kinda addicted that game (plants vs zombie) and looking for a job really hard. i applied for 4 places right now, really want to get cleaning job. by the way these photos are taken by my old canon camera which i got it in car boots sale only £2. not bad isn't it? and errr does anybody know about pee-wee? i saw the movie 'pee-wee's big adventure' and it was ace! tim burton's 80s film. i need to go now so i will talk about this next time :)
oh yea did you noticed that i've just changed my blog title again 'it's lovely isn't it?' because when i went out today, i saw a woman said to snail statue 'its lovely isn' it!?' many times. haha yeah it was lovely.

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