The mind plays tricks on you. You play tricks back! It's like you're unraveling a big cable-knit sweater that someone keeps knitting and knitting.....


have you seen pee wee's big advinture? the story is about his super important bycicle has been stolen by somebody and he goes on a trip to look for it. 80s comedy film directed by tim burton. pee wee reminds me of Mr bean and sponge bob, a bit crazy but cute and funny. i love tim burton's film but i didn't know this one. my boyfriend told me about it and watched it and i absolutely love it.
ピーウィーって日本で有名かな?あたい全く何も彼のことを知らなかったけども.ストーリーは彼のスーパー大切な自転車が盗まれてそれを探しに旅にでるんだけど、この旅の中で起こる一つ一つがおもしろいんだよね。この人一見危なそうにみえておもしろかったり。実際にポルノ映画館でマスターベーションしてしまったのが見つかって逮捕された経歴をお持ちなんだけどさ。あはは 素敵な映画だったのでぜひごらんあれ。今日の夜は何の映画をみようかな。ピーウィー2をみたいけどなぜか急にビッグフィッシュが見たくなって、steve buscemiでてるし。

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