god,,i love this scene so much.

from Waynes World. its just....ACE.


  1. oh my god you are so adorable, I love this page! It's fun! I especially like your homemade tiny films, so sweet and charming! Say, what movie editor do you use when editing them?
    Ps. if you have time, look here: http://thebook-caseproject.blogspot.com/ it's my hobby and I'm looking for people to submit!

  2. why thank you :) i really love your page too, its simple but a lots pictures. im using Power director 7 and sometimes movie maker.
    oh yeah your book cace project is ace! i wish i could,im in uk and here is not my house so i cant..... but i can help you like write about your project in here (if you don't mind)...then some people might be curious about it :)

  3. That would be so nice! I'm so curious about peoples bookcases it's almost perverted haha! You have inspired me, I'm going to try to make tiny films of my own :)

  4. okay, ill post about that soon. really? im look forward to seeing your film then :)