i am totally unsociable geeky girl.

if i'm in some cheesy typical school film right now, i would definitely get bullied by pretty typical evil cheerleaders. but i can act as sociable girl if i want to. it depends on my feeling like if you have a stress then you can act really crazy, then your stress will gone. but don't do too much because appearently i'm really annoying my boyfriend because of that. dont know why i can't control now , my body is naturally doing random things, well its come from "bored" i guess. i wish i could use magic though, sometimes i just point at something and say some randome spell like harry potter,,,of course it does't work. i'm still believing that there is a magic school like Hogwarts. oh yeah speaking of magic, i often dream about i'm flying with bloomstick, its bloody fantastic even it only happens in my dream. i also often dream about toilet which is really weird, i'm just standing in super dirty toilet, sometimes blood everywhere. is it just mental problem? well i've been depressing recently so that's why it happend maybe.
クイーンのbohemian rhapsodyを聞くの止まらない。歌詞全部おぼえようか。

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