super lazy anna

i've finally got a job interview on this friday, i really hope i can pass it because i need a money. i'm already nervous but i'll do my best. and dyed my hair blue yesterday, only bottom hair. i thought it failed but it worked alothouh its really dark blue and you only can see it under the sunlight ha. i know i should've bleach but i couldn't be botherd and when i dyed my hair green in japan, it worked withought bleach. god i really loved that green hair.
i want to talk about movie but i dont feel like want to write about. i want to 'talk'. anyway i'll write about it oneday maybe, if i'm not lazy. maybe its just ive been watching so many movies so i dont know where should i start and im getting forget what film i watched.

by the way this robert downey jr is so cute isnt he?

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