have i cross eyes?

i havent post for a few days, i've been a little bit busy, yes finally I got a job at restarant/cafe. its about 5 mins from my house, good isnt it? when i was in hexham, it took 45 mins from my house to my job in newcastle. anyway i'm enjoying my job because people are very nice. and its very cute small cafe/restaurant. still worry about my english but I always try best. yay, i was working yesterday so i'm really tired now even though I slept for like 10 hours. well i always wake up in the middle of the night because of my bloody exczma, its incredibly annoying. now its like an invasion of my back and looks like a burn injury. ew. i really hate my skin, too senstive. I always need to be careful with the bed cover and dust, clothes, everything that I normally touch. i remeber when i bought a new bed in japan, as soon as went on the bed, I was full of small spot on my lips and it was very itchy and aching, apparently it is because of material of that bed, which was made by a tree. dont know why it happend really. I'm not allergic to tree,,,although i'm allergic to cat, dust, blanket(not all of it) and so on, oh yeah if i eat many eggs then i will have many weird itchy spots on my face. my body is not that weak, just skin,,,just bloody annoying senstive skin! please go away, leave me alone...okay enough talk about my skin.
me and my boyfriend have been looking at his old clothes in his walldrobe, and he gave me some of them, its really good for me, i dont need to buy winter clothes hah. and I feel safe because i know he used to wear it rather than the clothes I bought from the charity shop. well i still like charity/vintage shop.
やっとこさ仕事がみつかったよ3回のトライアルを終えてね。昨日からスタートして昨日約10時間も働いたもんだから今日疲れがどしっと。ひさしぶりだから、でもよかったは日本食レストランで10時間働き慣れといて、日本では絶対に5時間以上は絶対にしなかったうちが、今となっては世の中のつらさが分かってせっせと働いております in uk. 日本帰ったら少しは精神的にも強くなっていると思うよ。あ、ちなみに働いてるところは家の近くにあるイタリアンカフェ・レストランで小さくてものすごくお洒落。5分以内でいけちゃうから楽。前は45分かけて仕事にいってたからね電車で。30人も入れないんじゃないかな。多分ミドルクラス級な感じのレストランだからお客さんも多分ぷちお金持ちが多いかな、そして優し。全然rudeでない、いやまだ出会ってないかもしれないけど、でもこのレストランで働いてるウエイトレスみんなが「ここはものすごくいいところだから安心して」って。確かにシェフも皿洗いのおじちゃんもみんな良い人。皿洗いのおじちゃんはいつもあたいを気にしてくれてありがたい。ただ語彙がもっと増えればもっとコミュニケーションできるのになーと思った。まあそのうち。最近良く寝れないんんだよ体がかゆくて薬ぬるために夜中によく起きるから。湿疹が今や背中にまで侵略してきちゃって、強いよ湿疹、たのむからどこか違う人の体にいってくれ。朝おきると薬も乾いてるから痛い痛い、乾燥しちゃって痛い。でも一日2,3回はちゃんとジョーにぬってもらってる。彼も優しいよ。文句いわずにぬってくれるから。見た目火傷したみたいで気持ち悪い背中に。


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